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Gimp development days 1-2 :D

I have this race of sort of humanoid/fluffy creatures called gimps. The name is a blend of Imp and goblin sort of and the name stuck with me.

Gimps are usually about 3ft high, covered in fur and have mask markings on their face which has led to the nickname 'racoon imp'.

They are a sly, intelligent species, despised by all other races in the world they lived in and shunned into poverty. They are originally from nearly all environments all over the world, but as humanity increased, The gimp population decreased and became vermin who fend for themselves by stealing or trying to exist within a decreasing wilderness.

Gimps are sometimes abducted and used as house slaves or field workers. Some gimps would prefer this life to a life of freedom within a world that hates you.

Males have tusks and females don't 8D

this is uh... ONE mode of transport

Today's post has been gimp-a-licious flavored! Yum.
Ooh, intriguing! Nice sketches!
I think I'll stick around for more.
These are daily sketches? Awesome.
Do you use coloring pencil for the colored parts?

Also this sounds so stupid but when I read "gimp" the first thing that came to my mind was the GIMP program. So GIMP development made me go "...She's helping develop a program?"


Lol I don't think it matters to mention but I'm Taralen from DA. P:
Aww, I like Verax. He's cute. c:
Dey are called Gimps has they has no feets!
Woooooha!! How wonderful drawings! I loved the last one! Good job,Gem.Keep it up! ♥
Would you mind explaining their feet? I'm a little confuse on whether they are holves, or tiny little paws. =3
Hello, I'm a fellow artist and I'm adding you because I like how you are constantly creative. I've recently come out of some art block and I want to be motivated by adding more artists in my list. Hope you don't mind :)